Viodin 10% 100ml

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Type: Topical Solution
Brand Name: Viodin 10% 100ml
Generic Name: Providone Iodine 10% Topical
Manufacturer/Distributor : Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Primary or secondary topical infections, infected surgical incisions, infected decubitus or stasis ulcers, pyodermas, secondarily infected dermatoses, and infected traumatic lesions, burns, incisions and other topical lesions. Abrasions, minor cuts and wounds, mouth wash for acute mucosal infection of mouth and pharynx.

Dosage & Administration:
Once or twice daily or at dressing change.

Viodin® 5% Ointment: Each tube contains 25 gm Viodin® 5% Ointment. Viodin® 1% Mouth-wash/Gargle: Each amber color PET bottle contains 100 ml Viodin® 1% Mouth-wash and Gargle. Viodin®10% Solution- 100 ml : Each amber color PET bottle contains 100 ml Viodin® 10% Solution. Viodin® 10% Solution- 15 ml : Each plastic bottle contains 15 ml Viodin® 10% Solution.


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