working abroad and local residents who send medical allowance for their loved ones can now be assured that their hard-earned money is spent where it is intended for. ফার্মেসী.কম.বিডি is among the leading online pharmacies, which specializes in providing generic and OTC products. Our Mission is to make healthcare understandable, accessible and affordable.

Buying medicines may require you to try 5 medical stores which are miles apart. We want you to be able to do it with a click. We value your time and we care about your convenience. We are a “full service” pharmacy. Our qualified employees are dedicated to meet the needs of our customers. We want you to know about medicines which have the same composition as prescribed by your doctor but can be considerably cheaper.

We provide the best quality generic and lifestyle drugs to customers worldwide. These medications are manufactured by well known and reliable pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh.   We are able to provide you medication are very affordable prices because they are sold in Dhaka at that prices.  With the customer being the centerpiece of its corporate plans, Rose Pharmacy has streamlined its branch operation by installing advanced Online and App system in all branches thereby providing not only fast and efficient computerized service but also accurate accounting and inventory monitoring. With its home delivery facility – Express Home Delivery, buying medicines and grocery items is just a phone call away and delivered right to the customer’s doorsteps.

We believe access to healthcare is a right and providing affordable medication to patients is part of it. We have Generic and Branded prescription and over-the-counter medicines, we also have baby care, personal care, and healthcare products.



  • To develop competent and highly motivated human resource to deliver pharmaceutical care and other health care services
  • To utilize effective business processes and technology to deliver timely pharmaceutical care and other health care services
  • To develop and implement marketing initiatives to promote ফার্মেসী.কম.বিডি pharmaceutical care services to patients, health institutions, and healthcare providers



  • To be the preferred partner and channel of health institutions and healthcare providers in delivering pharmaceutical care and other healthcare services to patients to achieve the desired health outcomes.