The Idea of Medicine Home Delivery Service

“If pizza can be delivered in thirty minutes, why not life-saving drugs? “, probably this was the triggering question that mushroomed the idea of medicine home delivery services in Bangladesh.  

Medicine home delivery service is a relatively new concept n Bangladesh. It is more of a hybrid idea where regular pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies joined ventures with the delivery companies to make life easier for patients depend on regular medicationsMany business giants in this country have even opened their own delivery section aside from the parent business. However, this idea reached a new height during the recent pandemic when most people preferred to stay at home and often like to avoid any unnecessary socialization and gatherings 

Delivery service is a relatively old venture in Bangladesh. Many renowned companies seemed to be taking interest in this particular sector. E-commerce businesses in particular took full advantage of the delivery services. Next, comes the food industriesThe increasing demand of home food delivery services seemed to be going high over the time in our nation 

When this was the scenario of delivery industries in Bangladesh, some visionaries came up with the ideas which merged pharmacy and delivery sectors and created a more intuitive and useful platform between people and life saving medicines. is one of the pioneer companies that came up with an online-based e-commerce store oriented on medicines, healthcare products and services.  

As time passed, dozens of similar online based medicine delivery services have popped up in the industry.  Many of them are doing well in current market. But believes that only good is not an option. To sustain and dominate in this hard competitive industry, their company has to come up with something extra for the consumers. 

With that in mind, has integrated some medical services along with usual medicine delivery processes in their business profile. The company therefore additionally provides on demand professional nurses, sisters and ward boys to homes. The aim is to provide day to day medical care to home-bound and elderly patients. Sounds enticing? Well, that’s not all.  

The healthcare service of also determined to build direct path between patients and specialized doctors. So, when demanded, a specialist doctor may come up to your home to provide you with required treatments and consultations. 

All these and many more productive services can be enjoyed from one single website at a much convenient rate It is true that, the idea of medicine delivery system is comparatively new and has plenty of pockets for improvements in Bangladesh, but; has already plunged into the competition and ready to take up challenges in the sector of ensuring quality medicine home delivery service in Bangladesh. 

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