On Demand Medicine delivery service in Bangladesh

The demands of general and prescribed medicine has never gone down, rather it went up the statistics in recent days. During recent pandemic, on-demand medicine delivery services in Bangladesh got huge responses. 

free medicine home delivery in bangladesh

Whether it’s a simple bruise or level 4 cancers, almost every family needs medicines. Recently several online-based companies are working at a competitive rate to reach clients with lifesaving drugs. Undeniably most companies are doing great in the field.  

Services like BanglaMeds.com, Ousud.com, iPharma24.com, pharmacy.com.bd are all working as modern medicine delivery services in the Bangladeshi e-commerce market. Among many, pharmacy.com.bd seems to be way ahead in the race with some extra facilities and features onboard. 

The concept of on-demand medicine delivery service is pretty new in Bangladesh. However, the recent pandemic has put a strong boost in this sector. When many companies are focusing on online medicine delivery service only, few are adding up some extra spices to reach bigger spectrum of clients. Pharmacy.com.bd is one of such brand in the recent market. 

Why choose Pharmacy.com.bd? 

Now, you must be wondering what is so special about pharmacy.com.bd which beats, most other companies in similar sector. The answer is simple; the company provides some extras, which no other services in this category provide right now in Bangladesh.  

Along with typical medicine delivery modules, the company website also provides some useful services. The company also corresponds and arranges nurses, ward boys, sisters and even specialized doctors for their valued clients 

Therefore, now you don’t have to run along the hospitals all the time for your elderly family members to get regular nursing, diagnosis or physiotherapies. Let specialized services of Pharmacy.com.bd handle these hassles behalf of you. 

Let’s have a glance at the list of services pharmacy.com.bd offers for their customers: 

  • On-time delivery of medicines at your doorstep 
  • Delivers medicines and medical services all over Bangladesh 
  • It has a vast range of products for clients of all categories in mind. Starting from OTC and prescribes drugs to daily usable healthcare, hygiene and baby products and tools. 
  • The company home delivers medical equipment such as oxygen cylinder, nebulizers, blood pressure equipment, wheel chairs, stretchers etc. for patient’s convenience.  
  • Pharmacy.com.bd doesn’t confine in the medicine delivery business, but also provide on-demand services such as professional nurses, sisters, and ward boys for home bound and elderly patients.  
  • Expect 24/7 constant service from experienced nurses, sisters, ward boys and doctors when contracted from this company. 
  • Sometimes visiting a doctor’s chamber for consultancy is difficult, especially for weak elderly, physically challenged or paralyzed patients. That is why pharmacy.com.bd came up with home treatment facilities to deal with the situation. This company provides specialized doctors who will come to your home to provide necessary diagnosis. 

About price 

Other relevant brands limit their services to on time delivery of your demanded drugs, however, many turn out to be too harsh for your budgetHere as well, hearmacy.com.bd kept their footprint of superiority.  

They tried to keep the cost limited when ensured superior services at the end of the day. In addition to that, they kept a full free delivery option as soon as the client’s bill reaches a certain level; which is above one thousand taka. Moreover, a wide range of products at a market competitive price is truly convincing for all levels of clients in Bangladesh.  

So, next time when you are browsing through the website for getting services from a reliable on-demand medicine delivery service in Bangladesh, take a look at this particular online medicine delivery company. Hopefully, you won’t return empty-handed. 

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